USB Mixtape Cassette

About Us

We started Milktape back in 2012 because there was no way to give music or other digital files in a meaningful way. Who wants to just text your long distance girlfriend and tell them you just bought them some music on their iTunes account for their birthday? Where's the magic in that?!

But as we started selling our product we realized it filled more than just a need to give music. There's something nostalgic about a cassette tape. There were generations of people whose lives revolved around music, and since that music came in the form of a cassette the tape resonates deeply with many. We found that Milktape filled this need to remember. And funny enough, some of our most loyal customers weren't even around when cassette tapes were used! But they still have that nostalgic feeling when they see a tape.

And finally we found that Milktape met a need for people to give something meaningful, something real. The beauty of Milktape is the plain white cover and mostly blank label. Our customers are not only able to customize the inside with music, but the outside as well. So the whole tape becomes much more than just a USB mix tape, it becomes "Jane's Flash Drive Mix" or "Ben's Bangin' Beats" or "Cassidy's Cassette of Many Colors." And we saw our tapes being given to best friends in foreign countries, sent back and forth in long distance relationships, and becoming anniversary or even wedding gifts. It has been incredible for us to see how something that begins as such a small, inexpensive item with some blank space becomes an all time favorite gift through people like you. So you're thinking of someone aren't you? Make them a mix tape!